Verified USA LinkedIn Business Email List

USA database : a complete list of businesses from the USA

B2B email database is an extensive list of complete details of the businesses and key decision-makers from the USA. These significant details empower marketers to run multi-channel marketing campaigns for increasing the customer base globally. If you are the business targeting USA country for your client acquisition campaign, our complete database will save your time and money on manual data collection services.

With the right B2B email list, you can reduce the hassle associated with campaigns and fast forward the core process with an upsurge of CTR up to 42%. With the help of our email list, businesses managed to boost the campaign response, conversion rates, and revenue periodically.

Our USA Business Email list is a compiled list of companies from the United States across all 50 US states. Our USA companies list can be used in various ways such as generating sales lead, building a business directory, market research, telemarketing, job seeking, business analysis, and other b2b purposes.

We provide a highly accurate business database with full company contact information for our clients. Our B2B databases will also give you access to over 30 Million List of US Companies sorted by Industry, Phone, City, State, Zipcode and etc. Our database is delivered in Microsoft Excel file format to make it easy to use and edit from your side.

Why Choose our List of USA Companies Email Database Over Other Data Providers?

The list of companies in our database was gathered by our own programmers from the most trusted sources like Google map, Yelp, Yellowpages, etc and cleaned by our in-house data experts maintaining accuracy.

Most of the other providers purchase the list from other programmers which are not verified or outdated and you will get just scrapped row data. While we update our list every year with our custom-built crawlers because we don’t have to pay for updating the list. Our all emails are scraped from the business websites so chances of email bounce are less than 5%. We know the importance of social media in today's generation and as a clear another way to contact the businesses we include the social media URLs of businesses in our database which is not yet included by any other service provider.

Below is an actual screenshot of our US Company Email Database.

We compile the business data from the most reliable data sources so that businesses can receive brand loyalty and enhance the profits with rapid growth.

You can check the quality of our database from the below screenshot which is taken from our actual US company database. Easy to sort, filter and management of each field as per your needs.

Below are few examples of the business categories included from our US Companies Email List:

NOTE : We have updated our database recently and we constantly working on imrpoving our database .We Update database once a year But Some fields may contain erroneous data such as bad emails or phone numbers due to getting old .This is beyond our control.

NOTE : These database is for your personal and business use only.It is not allowed to be resold or given away in any form.